Q&A Market Research is a full-service market research firm that has been providing clients with insightful data about their customers and market. We not only design the project, implement the study and analyze the data, we go one step further. We deliver the results to you in actionable marketing strategies you can employ immediately. In today’s fast-paced business environment companies need reliable data to make informed decisions.


Since 1998, we have been helping our clients better understand their customers by designing and executing research at the point-of-purchase, where the most critical decisions are made. We are one of the only research firms that truly “Integrates” both Attitudinal (Survey) and Behavioral (Sales) research to give our clients a more holistic answer to their marketing questions.


Whether you need qualitative or quantitative research, each study is specifically designed to accomplish your objectives. Research Inc. manages all research to ensure the highest quality control throughout your project.


Sampling, questionnaire design, telephone surveys, web surveys, mock trials, focus groups, opinion polls, mall intercepts, mystery shops and more. Our goal is to capture results that will help clients make strategic business decisions


Q&A Market Research was founded under the philosophy of becoming True Partners with our clients in the area of our specialty-Point of Purchase, Real World Consumer Insights. This is backed by our emphasis on hiring associates that are qualified as senior level consultants in the area of market research design, implementation and analysis. Our desire to achieve excellence in these three areas is the foundation on which we operate and the key component in our mission statement put forth at our inception 15 years ago.


We have been selected as the preferred supplier for many of the world's largest consumer product manufacturers and retailers due to our proven ability to design and execute research in a live environment. Our growth has occurred largely by word of mouth and is a by product of our expertise in this area and our consistent effort to be the best at what we do.

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