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Uğur Develi

Managing Director

As a founder of Q&A Market Research, Uğur Brings 18 years of experience in the Market Research and Consulting field. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Marketing from Richmond College, and his skills in advanced analytics and modeling are highly regarded by clients.


He is a member of ESOMAR and MRA and has a lot of experience especially in Food / Consumer / Finance & Banking / Electronics & Telecom and Medical fields in both quantitative projects.


Emre Gündüz

Field Manager

Emre has been in the research industry for 7 years and has specialized mainly in field organizations. He is responsible for the field organization and training of the field team, data processing and quality control in all the projects. He took part in the execution many Central Location Tests for taste, package and smell of the products.


Therefore with concrete data collected by him,  he advised and communicated the solutions,  strategies and alternative plans to management team and business units, structured the basis of future product strategies with rationales and market  parameters enabled the close follow-up and control of product promotion strategies in the field

Deniz Erol

Qualitative Research Manager

Deniz is responsible for all kind of qualitative  studies using project coordination, conducting in-depth interviews and focus group discussions, analysing findings, evaluation of briefs and preparing proposals, creating qualitative discussion guide, preparing final presentations and customer communication.


Research Subjects: Brand Perception and Positioning, Concept Determination, Consumer Insight, Pre-Test Studies and Communication Strategies.

Funda Sencer

Social Anthropologist

Consumer Insight Manager since December 2011 at Questions and Answers Market Research.

Playing and active role in the all process of production, operation, reporting and to submit proposals for the projects which she has been taken part in, to carry out and to coordinate the projects entirely.


Specialized ethnographic projects, currently takes part in various projects involving ethnographic methods like observation participant observation with in the body of Questions and Answers Market Research.

Yağmur Atagören

Data Analyst

Data Analysis is the art of collecting and analysing data so that companies can use said data to perfect their marketing, insurance, political and/or business practices. Yagmur is a highly trained professional who performs the analysis, running various mathematical calculations to determine how the data samples might best be applied to profit the business. She is responsible for importing, cleaning, transforming, validating or modelling data with the purpose of understanding or making conclusions from the data for decision making purposes.


She is also responsible for improving data quality and for designing or presenting conclusions gained from analyzing data using statistical tools like Microsoft Excel, SAS, SPSS and others.

Selçuk Karaer

Developing the softwares for Online Research Studies

Developing Mobile applications for Android & IOS

Developing Online Web applications and Developing Online Survey Panel

Making analysis by using SQL and SharePoint

Working as a Solution Architect, Database Administrator, Application Developer, Programmer and Systems Analyst

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